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I work with Fidson Healthcare Plc as a Sales Analyst, I was sent to Habenero Data Solutions for Business Intelligence training by my company (Fidson). I found the course very Educative, Insightful, Impactful and the facilitators were engaging and patient. I am confident this training will impact positively on my daily responsibility in Fidson and make information and data evaluation faster and interpretation easier. I recommend Habenero Data Solutions to anyone who wants to take his / her career to the next level.

Aderayo Amusan, Sales Analyst

The Qlikview training was awesome, at the beginning it seemed very huge and a difficult thing to comprehend to me using the tool. I was really impressed with the instructor who took the sessions across different topics. I can make bold to say now, Qlikview Application usage for me is like Bread and Butter. To crown it up, anytime I require support in terms of profession support, Habanero Data Solutions treats me like a king. This is an awesome after-sale service. Keep it up Habanero Data Solutions, you have added some plus to my career path.

Olusegun Adelaja, Financial Analyst

The experience at Habanero Data Solutions was superlative and worthwhile. The training sessions were intensive and educative with graphical representation of teachings. This method of teaching enhanced my understanding personally. The facilitators were equally excellent and professional as the classes were interactive.
Surprisingly, I can analyze my data using Tableau Desktop.

Bernard Nwaokedibe, Expatriate Biometric Unit

The instructor was very well informed and knowledgeable, also the training venue was very comfortable and staff very friendly and hospitable. The whole training very informative and i feel the objective was achieved. The instructor had so much to offer and was very patient and willing to answer questions and share additional insights even outside scope of training. For me, that was a major plus.

Chesa Eleanya, Business Intelligence Officer

I signed up for Power Bi training hoping to improve my business analytical skills …But I left with vastly more. My aim for the training was to make data transparency, loyalty and trust grow within the firm so as to make crucial decisision based on Sales report. Information and Knowledge is free but deep insight and analysis is complicated and scarce. Power BI helped me to realize these deep insight, with Power BI I can run reports and create dashboards quickly to detect market change and product trend sales in real time. This allow Managers to immediately respond to new opportunities and improve business performance. This has led to making smart business decisions and heap load of praise from my MD and Head of department. The swift response when I contact my tutor has been one of the best thing ever. Thank you again Habanero Data Solutions for making life easier for me when it comes to Data Analysis.

Opeyemi Adelaja, Market Research Officer