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Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown steadily over the years from its humble Academic inclusion in 1956 to its modern applications in Self Driving Tesla’s. Its growth has lead to its applications in various fields and industry. An example is AI in Healthcare, by using algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data.

This trend has lead Business Intelligence experts to explore a possible marriage between AI and BI which I want to explore in the post.

Traditionally BI software tells you about interesting information in your historical data, and most analyst have to predefine metrics for BI tools to track which is a manual process. However, AI enabled BI could find insights in Data by taking advantage of natural language generation capabilities to further explain the insights and how business can act on them.

Sisense a BI vendor recently announced in a data discovery component to its software that automatically reviews data and alerts users to new and potentially interesting features. A scenario where an analyst has drawn insights from a Data set but an AI back BI software helps draw out new insight that wasn’t a metric in the first place is the new gold in Data wringing.

AI grows faster and gets more intelligent overtime with the amount of data its feed, and at this current rate we are creating so much data and too little time to fully analyze them. This is where AI with its Machine learning algorithms and computing power can full deep dive into big data and give real time insights and analyses just as the data is coming in.

Go is an Asian abstract strategy game that has been studied for over 2500 years and the analyses of the various data on Go had led to some brilliant Go players in the world. AlphaGo, a system built by Google DeepMind bested the world champion of Go. The Go champion said ‘I don’t think that a single human has touched the edge of the game of Go’. in less than five years, machines may have exceeded 2,500 years of study and accumulated knowledge of the game by humans.

In no time at all, this inevitable marriage between AI and BI will surely lead to new fields and open more obscure Data to refining to give even better insights.

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