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Benefits Of Mobile BI

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It’s practically a mobile first world now, and operating your business in this era should not mean viewing reports only from your device, you should desire Mobile BI. Growing your business in this mobile-first era, means getting business intelligence truly mobile.

Employees are always on the go, so they need business data such as inventory, records and spreadsheets at their fingertips at any hour on any given day, most top management need real time insights to enable quick informed decisions.


Sales Officers with real-time access to inventory can tell a potential customer, how many products are readily available for shipping. He can further tell how many in production will be shipping ready by the hour.

Employees with access to data anywhere can share key information, especially sales manager can easily monitor real time sales by the team in the field. Employees in the same team can remain productive.

Digital marketing manager can check the performance of the latest campaign and web analytics from his mobile device.

With employees making smarter decisions, revenue will increase. Mobile BI users can see real time fluctuations, mitigate risks and take hold of opportunities immediately.

Real time Mobile Business Intelligence access allows you to compete better, by allowing you see opportunities first. You will notice trends first and mitigate risk and adapt your business to any tectonic shifts.

It’s vital to consider a mobile BI solution that would seamlessly integrate with your company’s apps, and digital workflow. Sorting these will help determine how which BI tool to deploy. Nearly all BI tools have some sort of mobile access, some only grant access to view and others allow granular manipulation and drill down ability. Be sure to make your perfect choice for your needs.

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