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BI BI BI Whats it all about?

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What exactly is Business Intelligence about?

You know it’s critical to understand your customers better than the competition. You’ve heard that gathering customer insights can boost that understanding. And you may have noticed a lot of buzz about business intelligence. But what’s behind those concepts? And what do they mean for a business? Here’s the deal… Business intelligence (BI) refers to the tools and techniques used to turn raw data into useful information for business analysis. Once affordable only for the biggest companies, BI is now easy-to-use and budget-friendly for small and midsized businesses.  

Gartner BI Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2015

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On Tuesday 24th Feb 2015, Gartner published the yearly Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. The report published each year is a critical and insightful report into the competing players in the BI and anayltics vendor market. Within the report Gartner also seeks to discover customer opinions about vendors and highlight market place trends, innovations and forecasts.  

Big data means big IT job opportunities

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The growth of big data is helping to create massive job opportunities for Nigerian IT Professionals, depending on those who have the right qualifications. New technologies are driving big data adoption and creating a need for professional skills in managing data.  

Habanero Data Solutions Business Intelligence Blog

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Welcome to our weekly blog on Business Intelligence. Before we describe what you can get from reading this new blog, we want to introduce ourselves to anyone new to this space.  

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