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Introduction to Stata

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4 Day/s
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Everything you need to know

About the Course: Stata Fundamentals Course is for beginners without prior experience with stata and learners looking for a refresher. The course aims to equip learners with the fundamental knowledge to operate Stata tools and apply these functions with real data. The objective of this course is for learners to create a dataset from raw data and present them with statistical analysis and graphics.

Come enjoy the motivating atmosphere, learning with your peers while you discover the possibilities of Stata

Audience: Data Analysts

Recommended Prerequisites: Participants must be confident in the use of the Windows operating system functions such as copying, deleting & moving files, navigating to a file or folder, use of Mouse and Keyboard.

Course Schedule: 4 Days, 32 Academic Hours

Day 1

Overview of Stata

  • Main Stata window
  • Data Editor
  • Viewer
  • Do-file Editor
  • Graph window and Editor
  • Current working directory
  • Loading and saving data
  • Graph window and Editor
  • Working with data
  • Keeping logs
  • Safe computing
  • Basic data reporting
  • Graph window and Editor
  • Current working directory
  • Loading and saving data
  • Data manipulation
  • Strings into numerical categorical variables
  • Observation subscripts _n and _N
  • Memory management
  • Obtaining data
  • Import and export Excel data
  • Import and export text data
  • Other commands to import and export data
  • Reading dates and times
  • Appending data
  • Merging data
  • Wide versus long data

Day 2

Data and Graphs

  • How to create and edit basic graphs using Stata
  • Some basic graph examples
  • Storing, saving, and exporting graphs
  • Automating the process: Looping and saving
  • Model checking using graphs
  • Automating the process: Looping and saving
  • Model checking using graphs
  • Visualizing the results of your models
  • Formatting titles, legends, and text boxes
  • Formatting axes, axis labels, ticks, gridlines, graph, and plot regions
  • Using schemes to change the overall look of graphs
  • Recording and saving edits in the Graph Editor
  • Layering multiple graphs with the graph twoway command
  • Layering multiple graphs with the addplot() option
  • Creating multiple graphs with the by() option
  • Combining different graphs with the graph combine command
  • Exporting graphs for publication

Day 3

Organization of analysis, Macros

  • Entering and executing a program
  • The do-file
  • The interactive program command
  • A program in a do-file
  • Combination do-files
  • Ado-files
  • Organizing do-files
  • An individual do-file
  • A do-file to perform verification
  • Infiling data
  • Reproducibility
  • Indexing
  • Assert as an alternative to branching
  • Consuming calculated results
  • Macros
  • How macros might be used
  • Macro names
  • The related-persons example
  • Another example (plant data)
  • Potential problem—variable scope
  • More on arguments
  • Branching and looping
  • Physical program style
  • foreach
  • Looping across observations
  • if

Day 4

Data management

  • Handling time and date variables
  • Checking assumptions
  • Returned values and storing results
  • Bootstrapped standard errors
  • Aside: reading a trace
  • A warning on bootstrapping
  • Speeding up bootstrapping
  • Bootstrapping, how to
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Postfile and post
  • Using quietly
  • Speeding up simulations


Our international certified trainers have highly experienced Stata practitioners who have real-world expertise.

I – Laptops will be provided for all candidates with pre-installed Microsoft PowerBI.

II – Our training venue is based in Lekki, Lagos (Specific venue will be emailed on confirmation of a place on the course).

III – Lunches and refreshments are provided inclusive of the cost. Wi-fi and access to spaces to take private calls are also available.

For more information on our training, please enquire using the form above or call +2348103382376

Introduction to Stata

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    Introduction to Stata

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