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SQL Programming

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5 Day/s
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About this course: This 5 day hands on course is ideal for beginners new to databases and SQL programming language. The course will benefit anyone (technical & non-technical) who needs to understand and use SQL to manipulate a database.

The course will provide participants with the key concepts of databases and structured query lanaguage (SQL). Participants will learn how to read and write simple and complex SQL statements. Participants will gain a solid working knowledge of this powerful and universal database programming language. At the end of the course delegates would have gained a solid understanding of relational databases and SQL (Structured Query Langauge).
Audience: Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Developers, Data Managers, Business Intelligence Analysts, IT Administrators, Data Architects

Recommended Prerequisites: None

Course Schedule: 5 Days, 40 Academic Hours
Course Syllabus:

Day 1

Introduction to databases and SQL (Structured Query Language)

On the first day delegates will learn about the basic structure and history of relational databases. Delegates will then understand what SQL is and how it used with a relational database.

  • Overview of Relational Database Concepts
  • What is a relational database management system?
  • Databases! Why do we need them?
  • Relational Database Structures
  • Brief overview of typical databases: Microsoft Access and SQL Server
  • Introduction to SQL:
  • Overview of SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Database building blocks: Tables, Columns, Primary key, Foreign Keys, Data Types, Indexes
  • Building a database
  • Creating tables and columns
  • Building tables with CREATE TABLE
  • Altering tables with ALTER TABLE
  • How to add columns to existing tables
  • How to add a Primary Key
  • How to add a Foreign Key
  • Adding a Data Type to a Table
  • How to improve performance with Indexes
  • Selecting Data: The SELECT statement
  • Setting Criteria using WHERE Clause
  • Inserting into a Table: The INSERT Statement
  • Updating a Table: The UPDATE Statement
  • Modifying a Table structure with ALTER Statement
  • Deleting from a Table: The DELETE Statement
  • Removing a tables with DROP statement

Day 2

Manipulating Data

  • How to add Table Row with INSERT
  • How to change rows with UPDATE
  • How to remove row with DELETE
  • Filtering Data
  • Having Clause
  • Order By
  • Joining Database Tables
  • Overview of Table Joins
  • Table Aliasas
  • Inner Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Self Joins
  • Other Joins
  • Cross Joins
  • Full Outer joins
  • Aggregation and Grouping
  • Summarizing and Grouping Data

Day 3

Functions, Subqueries and Aggregated Data

  • Overview of SQL Functions
  • Creating Functions
  • Working with Subqueries
  • Ways to count
  • Group By Clause
  • Filtering data using the Having Clause
  • Overview of Subqueries
  • Basic Subqueries
  • String Functions

Day 4

Understanding views & performing analytics with functions

  • Date and Time Functions
  • Text Functions
  • NULL Functions
  • Overview of Stored Procedures
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Passing Parameters
  • Basic Variables
  • Creating and Understanding Views
  • Understanding Triggers & Cursors
  • Creating Unions

Day 5

Transactions and Concurrency and Programmble Objects

  • Introduction to Transactions
  • Transaction Control
  • Controlling transactions with COMMIT command and ROLLBACK command
  • Properties of Transactions
  • Locks and Blocking
  • Isolation Levels
  • Deadlocks
  • Variables
  • Cursors
  • Temporary Tables
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Error Handling

Our international certified trainers have highly experienced SQL practitioners who have real-world expertise.

I – Laptops will be provided for all candidates with pre-installed SQL Server.

II – Our training venue is based in Lekki, Lagos (Specific venue will be emailed on confirmation of a place on the course).

III – Lunches and refreshments are provided inclusive of the cost. Wi-fi and access to spaces to take private calls are also available.

For more information on our training, please enquire using the form above or call +2348103382376

SQL Programming

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    SQL Programming

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