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Tibco Spotfire Essentials 1 & 2

4 Day Tibco Spotfire Course  – Smarter, Faster Analytics

What is Tibco Spotfire?

Tibco Spotfire Desktop is analytics software designed for data exploration. It enables you to discover and depict critical insights in data that drive real value.

About the course

This 4 Day Tibco Spotfire Essentials 1 & 2 Course will give you a thorough grounding in Spotfire. Its an ideal course for beginners to Spotfire. This course teaches the essential concepts required to effectively utilize the Tibco Spotfire Analyst client. The course will delve deeply into visualization properties and complex interactive features. General guidelines will be taught on when to use which visualization types. The course covers the wide variety of data access options available to users, and since Spotfire documents may save links to data supporting an analysis or may embed data within the document, these saving options are thoroughly discussed. The course will also touch on exporting data or images to Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, PDF or web-compatible file types.

Come enjoy the motivating atmosphere, learning with your peers while you discover the possibilities of the Tibco Spotfire.

Audience: Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Developers, Data Managers, Business Intelligence Analysts, IT Administrators

Prerequisites Recommended: None

Course schedule: 4 Days, 40 hours

Course syllabus:

This 5 day course will give delegates a thorough study on the following topics:

Day 1

Data Access

  • What is TIBCO Spotfire?
  • Using an Interactive Analysis Environment
  • Login and Welcome Screen
  • Open Data from Files
  • Import Settings and Data Format
  • Open Data from Excel
  • Using Information Links
  • Appreciating the Underlying Data Table
  • Select a Default Visualization When Opening New Data
  • Learn About the Spotfire Library

Create Visualisations

  • Configure and Interpret Bar Charts
  • Appreciate the Visualization Properties Dialog
  • Trellis Visualizations to Subdivide Data
  • Selecting Columns, Aggregations and Multiple Scales
  • Create Continuous Data Groupings through Auto-Binning
  • Configure and Interpret Line Charts
  • Understand Date & Time Groupings and Fiscal Year Offsets
  • Configure and Interpret Graphical Tables
  • Configure and Interpret Scatter Plots
  • Understand Color Options and Configure Color Schemes
  • Add Reference Lines or Curve Fit Lines
  • Adjust Transparency or Create a Density Plot
  • Configure and Interpret Pie Charts
  • Select Items for Display in the Legend
  • Configure and Interpret Tables and the Details-on-Demand Panel
  • Create hyperlinks to URLs within Tables
  • Configure and Interpret Summary Tables and Cross Tables
  • Include Images on Visualizations

Day 2

Configure Interactivity

  • Drill-Down to Learn More About Data of Interest
  • Configure the Content of Tooltip Information Boxes
  • Learn How to Mark Data and What Marking Can Accomplish
  • Configure Multiple Markings for Different Visualizations
  • Create Details Visualizations
  • Configure Details Visualizations for Serial Drill-Down
  • Configure Visualizations to be Limited by Multiple Markings
  • Apply Filters, Change Filter Types and Organize Filters
  • Create and Apply Different Filtering Schemes
  • Learn to Adjust Document Properties
  • Show or Hide Indicated Items
  • Define and Display Subsets

Save and Export

  • Consider the Value of Saving Data Linked to the Source
  • Change the Save Data Setting to Embed Data
  • Reload Data or Replace the Data Table
  • Export Data: Marked Data, Filtered Data, All Data
  • Export Data to the Library
  • Export Images to PDF or Edit Images in PowerPoint

Day 3

Add Data

  • Insert Calculated Columns
  • Learn About the Expressions Dialog and Find Available Functions
  • Learn How to Bin Continuous Data into Categorical Groupings
  • Configure Custom Hierarchies
  • Search and Select Using Hierarchy Filters
  • Insert Columns or Rows from External Sources
  • Add New Data Tables to an Existing Analysis
  • Understand Column Matches
  • Configure Visualizations Based on More Than One Data Table
  • Configure Relations Between Data Tables
  • Mark & Filter Across Data Tables
  • Perform Multi-Step Data Transformations
  • Learn how to Pivot and Unpivot Data
  • Consider Differences Between In-Memory and In-Database Data
  • Connect to Cube Databases
  • Connect to Relational Databases and Establish New Relations
  • Working with In-Database Data
  • Import Relational Database Data as In-Memory Data Tables

Capture your Analysis

  • Add and Apply Bookmarks
  • Understand Aspects Captured in a Bookmark
  • Capture or Apply Select Bookmark Aspects
  • Create and Apply Tags
  • Define Key Columns for Tags, Bookmarks, and Marked Data
  • Extract Lists of Values and Apply in Other Analysis Sessions
  • Compare Lists using List Logic, Organize Lists, and Add Annotations

Day 4

Other Visualisations

  • Configure and Interpret Treemaps to Analyze Hierarchical Data
  • Configure and Interpret Box Plots to Examine Data Distribution
  • Understand and Apply Comparison Circles
  • Configure and Interpret Map Charts
  • Navigate to Data of Interest in Map Charts
  • Represent Data on a Map & Position w/ Coordinates or Geocoding
  • Understand Different Map Layer Options
  • View WMS Layers in Map Charts
  • Select From Different Coordinate Reference Systems
  • Configure Zoom Visibility for Each Map Layer
  • Use a Map Chart to Display Your Data on Positions Over Any Image
  • Consider Multivariate Data
  • Configure and Interpret 3D Scatter Plots
  • Configure and Interpret Parallel Coordinate Plots
  • Configure and Interpret Heat Maps

Aggregation Options

  • Why Aggregate Data on Visualizations?
  • Understand the Purpose of Available Aggregation Categories
  • Learn How to Apply Expression Shortcuts
  • Add Error Bars to Visualizations

Your Trainer

Our international certified trainers are highly experienced Tibco Spotfire practitioners who have real-world expertise. Our trainers will be able to give you the answers you need.

Key Information

I – All course material including a copy of Tibco Spotfire for Developers book will be provided to all candidates.

II – Laptops will be provided for all candidates with pre-installed Spotfire Desktop.

III – Our training venue is based in Lekki, Lagos (Specific venue will be emailed on confirmation of place on the course).

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Tibco Spotfire Essentials

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