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Data and The US Elections

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The Elections are here and gone, whether you like the results or not is no longer important. The data generated from this election is important to both major US parties for the next elections. They are still collating all the Data to hel them win in 2020.

There are over 200 million voters in America and, with the help of new technology and lax privacy laws, both the Republicans and Democrats have a file on, well, every one of them.

Cambridge Analytica, a British firm, was paid $5 million in September alone to analyze data for the Donald Trump campaign and help refine its message to a target audience. Based on some 4,000 to 5,000 “data points” that include your browsing history, supermarket bills or TV habits, analysts can peg you as a certain personality type—say a “high neuroticism conscientious” or a “closed agreeable.”

In recent years, political data analytics has advanced from simple micro targeting to true predictive data science, and the track record is good. Some of the brightest minds in the field are using massive amounts of data, complex models and advanced algorithms to determine the best way to appeal to big swathes of the electorate without alienating possible converts.

The potential of big data in politics grew out of the Obama 2008 campaign, Data analytics was pioneered in the Barack Obama campaigns, boasting at the time that they knew the names of all 69 million people who voted for him. By changing the perception that people are treated like numbers, the new approach was to create a feeling of a personal touch, mindless of the irony of data-crunching these same people. With the ground-breaking work of Bush 2004 as a guide, a group of young Silicon Valley recruits used data to push targeting and fundraising to the extreme.

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