Traits to Consider When Choosing Business Intelligence Tools

Dealing with Data about their prospects, Customers, internal business processes, suppliers, partners and competitors has become the norm of Enterprises. Transforming this Data into actionable insights to increase efficiency, and profits is making organizations turn to BI tools. The BI tool market is mature but still constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing analytical needs of […]

Problems with Spreedsheets

According to a recent survey, many users are still using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to analyze and report on corporate data. These same users also spend much of their data-gathering time correcting out-of-date information in these Excel spreadsheets. So what are the real benefits of using Excel spreadsheets to analyze and report data? What additional benefits […]

Dashboard and Business Intelligence

What is a dashboard? The panel facing the driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft, containing instruments and controls. The definition above is what generally comes to mind when thinking about dashboards, because the word was originally used to describe the fascia of vehicles. Looking closely at this definition, a dashboard generally […]

What is a Data Warehouse?

A ‘data warehouse’ or an ‘enterprise data warehouse’ is a computer-based term that is given to a system. The system is basically used for analysing and reporting data. Data warehouses are central storehouses/ depositories that store data coming from a single or multiple incongruent sources. These warehouses are enterprise strategies that are aimed at solving […]

What is Big Data?

What is big data? We hear this term tossed around the media a lot. Big data is something big and scary. Google and Facebook are gobbling up everyone’s data and turning it into big data. No one really takes the time to explain what it is. Big data isn’t hard to understand nor is it […]

Designing a Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence systems are very complicated. Yet, they are required in today’s business world. Managed information systems aren’t as relevant as they used to be. Business intelligence is now the tool in which the enterprise competes with. How do you design a BI system or decide what packages you need when you buy one? Here […]

An overview of SAP BI

Microsoft isn’t the only data warehousing and business intelligence option out there. Another is SAP BI. SAP BI is a fully structured business intelligence system that works best for large organizations and enterprise environments. Is it right for your business though and what features does it offer?

Top 3 advantages of Mobile Business Intelligence

With the changing trends, use of Mobile Business Intelligence applications is growing as well. Some of the applications that have been greatly participating toward the changing trends are QlikView, Microsoft Power BI on Mobile, and Tableau. Why these applications are preferred by businesses at small, medium, and large scales? What are the benefits of Mobile […]

What is Qlikview ?

When Qlik first launch back in 1993 they set in motion the development of QlikView, which arrived three years later. With their flagship Business Intelligence (BI) software, QlikView, they set out to do something different with Business Intelligence. While BI software has tended to be somewhat specialist, Qlik sought to produce BI software that was […]

Benefits of Business Intelligence

You may be asking yourself: Should we implement a BI system? Good question. Although an increasingly popular and accepted technology for improving business performance, BI – like any other system – must be carefully considered before deciding to implement it. Benefits must be clear and understood and they must justify the investments.