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Habanero Data Solutions bring to Accra, Ghana world-class training courses in business intelligence, big data, analytics, and data visualization.



Our quality training courses are designed to equip learners with hands-on skills and knowledge of the latest technology in the field of data science and analysis. We foster the data professionals of tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if you are a keen beginner in the field of data science or if you are interested in getting advanced, premium quality training in data analysis software. We have loads of options for you to choose from.

Our training programs are designed by certified trainers. Every training module is prepared while keeping in mind the latest industry standards. At Habanero Data solutions you can be assured of receiving cutting-edge training along with strong foundational knowledge of data science and analytics.

Our application-based training sessions are intended to enhance individual as well as business growth. Expertise in data management and handling is a skill in high demand in the job market. It also helps you manage your business with efficiency. Our primary objective is skill enhancement and development. We offer it all, whether it is basic or advanced level courses. Habanero Data Solutions excels in providing quality business intelligence, data science, data analysis, and other professional data centric training courses.

Each candidate who enrolls for a training course with us can be guaranteed of having an enriching learning experience. At our state of the art training centers, you can be assured that your learning is in the best hands. Our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology and ace facilities to create an environment conducive to learning.

Our staff of experienced and certified trainers is both great teachers as well as subject matter experts. They have specially designed the training curriculum and training material to suit the needs of different learners. We use interactive and experiential learning pedagogy to train data experts of tomorrow.

If you are an interested newcomer in the field of data visualization, we offer a range of different courses suited for you, including Power BI Essentials, and Qlikview. Our team of certified trainers specifically design training sessions considering the needs of a beginner in the field.

For those who are familiar with the basics and want to get an advanced level of training in the field of data sciences, we provide courses in Deep Learning, and R. We also offer training programmes on database software such as SQL Programming, SQL Server, Oracle BI, SAP, and Cognos.

Our staff of expert trainers is experienced in providing top quality training to trainees of all ages and learning capacities. To cater to those enthusiasts who cannot physically attend training at our center in Accra or do not have the time to do it, we offer online and on-site training options as well.

We provide specialized training courses for the beginner and advanced levels according to individual needs. We attempt to enhance people’s capabilities beyond distances. Interested trainees who might not be able to attend training at our Accra center can opt to enroll for an online training course delivered via zoom or MS Teams.

You can choose the courses you want to enroll in from the array of programmes offered. Our training consultants can also recommend courses which are best suited to your needs, the requirements of your business or industry.



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