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Habanero Data Solutions offer world-class Business Intelligence training now in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


It is the capital and the largest city in Sierra Leone. It is a major port city along the Atlantic ocean. Freetown is a hub of economic, cultural, educational, and political activity. It is home to a culturally and ethnically diverse population.

The major religions followed are Islam and Christianity. The Krio language is spoken most popularly. The city’s economy is majorly dependent on its harbor and associated primary sector economic activities. It is a growing urban center in the west of the country.

If you wish to inquire further on any of our data analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence courses, please contact us at training@habanerodata.net or +2348083382376 and one of the training consultants will contact you as soon as possible.


We are a UK based firm helping data professionals grow all over the world. Whether you are an enthusiastic fresher to data science or a passionate learner looking for advanced level, cutting edge business intelligence training, we have got your back.

Our Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation training programmes are designed with the goal of equipping learners with the latest data tools and knowledge. Our practical application-based training modules help trainees manage their business with improved efficiency and greater expertise.

We offer a wide range of courses, from the basics of the field to advanced level business intelligence, data science, data analysis, and other professional data related training courses. We have something for every learner.

When you enroll as a trainee with us, you sign up for a quality learning experience. Our training modules are specially developed by experts to suit the needs of different learners and prepare them for the highly competitive job market. Our objective is to equip them with the latest skills and techniques to help their business grow.

At our state of the art training center in Freetown, which is equipped with cutting edge technology and facilities, we create an environment conducive to learning. We are committed to helping create the data professionals of tomorrow.

Data science is a continuously evolving field. To stay on top of your game, one must keep updating their knowledge. The skills of data analysis and management are valued across industries. Our training courses give you a professional edge in the job market and the tools to better administer your business.

If you are a keen newcomer in the field of data visualization, we have an array of different courses for you to choose from and get started including Power BI Essentials and Tableau Essentials. Our team of experienced and qualified trainers uses teaching methods suited to the level of a beginner. Training material is designed keeping in mind the needs of a beginner as well.

For those looking to develop advanced skills in the field of data sciences, we offer courses in Python, Deep Learning, and R. We also provide training courses on database software such as SQL Programming, SQL Server, Oracle BI, SAP, and Cognos. At Habanero Data Solutions there is something for all interested learners.

Our certified trainers are experienced in providing premium training to learners irrespective of their age and background. Since attending training sessions may be difficult for working professionals, we offer both online and on-site training to ensure no one is left behind. We believe that every individual learner has their own unique capacities and we attempt to foster and develop these capacities to the optimum level.

Those who are interested in enrolling for online training courses can attend the same via zoom or MS Teams. Our flexible online training programmes allow learners to learn at their own convenience, in the comfort of their own home. You can now upgrade your professional skills without compromising your schedule!

Habanero Data Solutions is committed to provisioning knowledge to anyone who seeks it. With our training center in Freetown, interested learners don’t have to travel to the west to quench their thirst for knowledge. We bring to your doorstep, world-class training courses taught by certified trainers at the state of the art center within the comfort of your domestic environment.

Unsure of which training course is most suitable for you? No need to worry, our training consultants can suggest courses for you depending on your needs, educational background, and industry requirements.

If you are interested in enrolling in a data analytics, data visualization, or data science training course in Freetown with Habanero Data Solutions, please browse through our course schedules below to find some of the best-valued courses available in Sierra Leone.



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