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Training in Lagos

Habanero Data Solutions is a UK based company that offers premium training courses on business intelligence, big data, analytics, and data visualization in Abuja, Nigeria. 


Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria and the entire African continent. Lagos population is rapidly growing and expected to reach 35 million by 2020. It is one of the leading financial capitals of Africa, contributing to its fast-growing economy. 

Lagos generates around 10% of Nigeria’s GDP. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. This competitive economy also benefits from the rapid growth of the tech market in the country. It also a major contributor to Information Communications and Telecommunications (ICT) markets in the continent. The city accommodates plenty of banking institutions, educational establishments, technology, and startup companies that entice investors and venture capitalists from different parts of the world.

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Habanero Data Solutions is a UK-based training provider offering first-class courses and the latest data science insights and analysis to Lagos, Nigeria. Our trainees engage in comprehensive and hands-on training for business intelligence, analytics, big data, and data visualization. 

We offer premium training in data analysis software, catering to different types of learners. Whether you are a novice to data science or looking to advance your knowledge, we have a course for you.

Certified trainers design our curriculum. The focus of every training module is to help trainees keep up with updated industry demands. Habanero Data Solutions provides learners with the skills to utilize new data tools and techniques on top of a solid technical knowledge foundation.

The training modules focus on application-based and practical skills for efficient data management. Development and enhancement of skills is the priority of our courses. Find your preferred course from our offerings, namely basic to advanced level business intelligence, data science, data analysis, and more professional data-driven training.

Enroll in our training courses to receive premium skills and first hand experience. Meet the best trainers at Habanero Data Solutions and learn valuable knowledge. Aside from the learnings, you can meet our highly-competent and approachable teachers. Our focus is to accelerate your progress throughout the training period.

Get access to our training centers that are equipped with excellent training materials and tools that trainers will also teach you to use. With our learner-centered curriculum, trainees of different capacities learn the relevant skills and approaches to growing their businesses.

Our Lagos, Nigeria training center is furnished with modern equipment and up-to-date facilities to reinforce the learnings of aspiring data professionals.

Beginners in data visualization can enroll in our introductory Power BI Essentials, Tableau Essentials, and Qlikview courses to establish a good knowledge foundation on data. Our training design team devise course modules according to beginner’s needs.

Our advanced level learners for the data sciences field can register for our Machine Learning, Python, Deep Learning, and R courses. For database software enthusiasts, we offer our exceptional courses for SQL Programming, SQL Server, Oracle BI, SAP, and Cognos. 

Our trainers are proficient and skilled at world-class instruction to learners of varying capacities and ages. To address the diversity, we offer on-site training for learners needing access to our facilities and online training, as well. We embrace the unique potential of every learner and help discover skills that boost their confidence in their careers.

We administer specialized training for both beginner and advanced learner levels according to their individual needs. Our goal is to provide people with broad capabilities and opportunities. Attend our on-site training or register for our online training held in zoom or MS Teams if you cannot attend classes at our centers in Lagos, Nigeria. 

View our wide array of courses that cater to different interests and software skills. Our training consultants can also help choose the ideal course to start your journey to utilizing data. Trust that our experts will prepare you for the imminent substantial growth coming to your business.

Our training consultants can assess your current skills, business needs, and other data-centric factors to find the best course for you.


Course Offerings:

  •     Tableau
  •     Power BI
  •     Qlikview
  •     SQL Programming
  •     R
  •     SAP
  •     SAS
  •     Stata
  •     SQL Reporting Services
  •     Qliksense
  •     Amazon Redshift
  •     Deep Learning
  •     Cognos
  •     Oracle
  •     CRM: Microsoft Dynamics