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Are you as passionate about Data Science, Data Analytics or Data Visualisation as we are?

If the answer is yes, then why not contribute to our blog!

At Habanero Data Solutions we encourage all data professionals to share ideas, experiences and trends in their respective fields. We mainly cover content for a professional audience from the Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science landscapes but are always happy to share new knowledge.

Anyone can be a contributor and we encourage all data professionals willing to contribute to our blog, to share ideas, experiences and best practices with the rest of Africa.

You can choose to submit your blog based on some of the subject areas below:

So if you have a good working knowledge of emerging data technologies such as:

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualisation then submit your article or blog post by email to [email protected]

Contributor Guidelines:

Any content submitted and accepted to the blog will be exclusive content for the specific and sole use of the Habenero Data Solutions organisation.

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