Big data means big IT job opportunities

The growth of big data is helping to create massive job opportunities for Nigerian IT Professionals, depending on those who have the right qualifications. New technologies are driving big data adoption and creating a need for professional skills in managing data.

With levels of data continuing to grow, its vital that Nigeria has a workforce which is skilled to manage it. With job vacancies in data analytic’s and big data set to rise, now is the time to upskill to take advantage in the surge. Large Nigerian companies are already increasing investments in Big Data. Data and business analytics are high on Nigeria’s CIO’s agenda and will be investment areas in 2015.

A number of large organizations in particular Nigerian telecom, banking and financial service sectors have already implemented Big Data solutions. MTN Nigeria, Globalcom, Airtel Nigeria and Etisalat are as of now deploying next generation data mining and Business Intelligence software tools to analyse consumer behaviour.

We understand that Airtel and Etisalat are spending over $3 billion to rebuild their networks to tap into the Big Data opportunities. In our opinion there will be a continued hiring demand for big data related positions in sectors such as mobile, healthcare and financial services. What is very exiting is that big data applies to almost all industries. Why not book one of our courses today to make sure you are not left behind.

Habanero Data Blogging Team.

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