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Introduction to ArcGIS

This course will introduce participants to the main principles and methods of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). It will inspect the processes in the capture, storage, manipulation, analysis, presentation and output of geographical data using ArcGIS. The course is intended for those who have little or no GIS knowledge.

What you'll learn

ArcGIS is a geographical information system (GIS) used by organisations to create, manage, share and analyse spatial data. The system provides an infrastructure for making maps and geographic information available throughout an organisation.

In this course you will be taught the basics for ArcGIS and give you the skills to develop and improve your map making. At the end of this course you will you will be able to create your own project, find location data and use techniques to create visualisations using GIS data within in an interactive map.

When you have completed your ArcGIS training you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to start utilising the capabilities of GIS in your own projects.

Recommended Prerequisites: Participants must be confident in the use of the Windows operating system functions such as copying, deleting & moving files, navigating to a file or folder, use of Mouse and Keyboard.

Course Content

What is GIS?

  • Applications and uses of Geographic Information Systems
  • Database and GIS Theory
  • Basic GIS Concepts
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Data Types and Potential sources
  • What is Spatial GIS


Introduction to ArcGIS

  • ArcGIS History
  • What is Spatial GIS
  • Understanding ArcGIS versions
  • The ArcGIS Platform
  • Getting to know the ArcGIS Platform
  • Intro to ArcCatalog
  • Intro to ArcMap
  • Intro ArcToolBox
  • Intro to ArcScene
  • Intro to ArcGlobe
  • ArcGIS online
  • Signing into ArcGIS Online


Getting started with ArcMap

  • Expressions, Function and Variables
  • Working with Expression Editor
  • Using Functions in Charts
  • Using Variables in Expressions
  • Set Analysis and Set Expressions
  • Working with Master Items


Getting started with ArcMap

  • The ArcMap Interface
  • Spatial Bookmarks
  • Data Frame Properties
  • Data views and Layout views
  • Menus and Toolbars
  • Layer Files and map documents
  • Layer Tables
  • Layer Properties


Getting started with ArcCatalog

  • Overview of ArcCatalog
  • Connecting to data sources
  • Viewing and Modifying metadata


Understanding GIS Data

  • Turning geographic information into GIS data
  • GIS Data Models
  • Working with Tables
  • Table Types
  • Adding fields and records
  • Editing Values in a table
  • Selecting and sorting Table records
  • Joining and relating tables
  • Documenting your data
  • View Data in GIS
  • Add data to the map

Methods for obtaining GIS data

  • Making Selections
  • Selecting with SQL
  • Selections based on Location


Interacting with the Map

  • Symbology and visualisation
  • Getting information from a GIS Map
  • Exploring the map using ArcGIS
  • Navigate the map
  • Changing symbology
  • Identify features
  • Exporting selected features from a file to a geodatabase
  • Explore a map using ArcGIS Online
  • Navigate the map
  • Locate addresses and features
  • Select features and view an attribute table



  • What is Georeferencing?
  • Georeferencing an image
  • Georeferencing of Images, Layers and CAD files



  • Extract Toolset
  • Overlay Toolset
  • Creating a Geoprocessing tool
  • Creating a Geoprocessing tool

Spatial Analysis Explained

  • Common Analysis tasks
  • Geoprocessing in analysis
  • How to perform spatial analysis with common analysis tools


Completing the Map

  • Introduction to the Map Layout view
  • Layout Toolbar
  • Changing layout style
  • Adding Layout components
  • How to add map annotation
  • How to add data timeframes
  • Using data frame properties
  • Previewing, printing & exporting
  • Layout templates


Sharing results

  • Importance of sharing results
  • Sharing content via ArcMap
  • Sharing your content via ArcGIS
  • Export the map as a PDF
  • Create a map package and upload it to ArcGIS Online


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