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Microstrategy Fundamentals

This five day course provides students with an overview of the extensive reporting capabilities of Developer. It will also enable students to gain a thorough understanding of the most powerful capabilities of Microstrategy Developer.

What you'll learn

Participants will leave with an understanding of report creation and the numerous data and style report manipulations in Developer, including auto-style creation, drilling, data pivoting, page-by, outline mode, grid and graph, formatting, and thresholds.

Additionally, participants will be versed in the creation of basic components that are essential in the creation of reports, including reporting filters, metrics, OLAP Services features, prompts, and searches. Participants will understand report design principles that leverage the capabilities of the Developer.

Participants will learn how to create numerous types of advanced metrics, including level metrics, non-aggregatable metrics, and transformation metrics, non-aggregatable metics.

Participants will also learn how to create different types of advanced filters, including attribute-to-attribute filters, joint element lists, and dynamic date filters. Participants will then learn about consolidations, custom groups, and advanced MicroStrategy OLAP Services features, such as Intelligent Cubes and derived elements. The course concludes with report data options, drill maps, and other report developer tools, such as Find and Replace and the Project Documentation.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Architecture
  • MicroStrategy Objects
  • Introduction to MicroStrategy
  • Developer
  • Reports
  • Data Manipulations
  • Filters
  • Metrics
  • MicroStrategy OLAP Services
  • Report Objects
  • View Filters
  • Derived Metrics
  • Prompts and Searches
  • Advanced Metrics
  • Level Metrics
  • Non-aggregatable Metrics
  • Transformation Metrics
  • Base Formulas
  • Conditional Metrics
  • Nested Metrics
  • Advanced Subtotals
  • Attribute-to-attribute Filtering
  • Joint Element List
  • Dynamic Dates
  • Pass Through Functions
  • Qualify on Metrics
  • Relationship Filters
  • Consolidations and Custom Groups
  • Advanced OLAP Services
  • Intelligent Cubes
  • View Filters
  • Derived Elements
  • Report Data Options
  • Drill Maps
  • Report Developer Tools
  • Find and Replace
  • Project Documentation

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AbujaJuly 1st, 2024₦350,000

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