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SAS Essentials

Our SAS Essentials course is designed for participants who would like to gain basic knowledge in programming, data management and data analysis using SAS software. By the end of the course participants will be able to confidently use SAS studio understand how the applications works and is organised so that you can begin writing programs to manage and analyse data that you have collected. 

What you'll learn

On this course you will learn how to navigate the SAS studio interface, libraries, data sets, coding area, log tab and results viewers.  

Course Content

Reporting and the SAS Platform for Business Analytics

  • exploring the SAS Information Consumer applications
  • discussing the course environment and scenario


Accessing Reports Using the SAS Information Delivery Portal

  • identifying report types
  • interacting with SAS BI Dashboards
  • working with SAS reports
  • running SAS Stored Processes


Building SAS Reports on the Web

  • exploring the SAS Web Report Studio roles
  • considering basic reporting concepts
  • creating a report with the report wizard
  • creating a report in edit mode
  • creating a report using a report template

Enhancing SAS Reports on the Web

  • working with summarization options
  • modifying the report layout
  • working with report sections
  • subsetting displayed data
  • modifying report objects
  • specifying report properties
  • printing and exporting reports

Working with Data Sources in Microsoft Excel

  • understanding SAS data
  • accessing data in the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
  • exploring data characteristics for a SAS table
  • running analyses using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
  • opening a SAS information map into Microsoft Excel
  • interacting with multidimensional reports


Running Analyses Using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

  • exploring SAS task and wizard features
  • creating a one-way frequency analysis
  • creating a summary tableL
  • creating graphical analyses with charts and plots


Presenting Information Using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

  • controlling and managing the SAS Add-In output
  • working with templates and SAS favorites
  • accessing reports from Microsoft Outlook

Case Study:

  • sharing report presentations
  • building report presentations


Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course


Scheduling and Distributing Reports

  • understanding report scheduling and distribution
  • scheduling a report
  • distributing a report

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