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Qlikview Essentials

This 5 day introductionary course will give you a solid foundation in Qlikview and provide you with the necessary skills to create effective data visualizations and interactive reports. By the end of the course, you will be able to connect to various data sources, create a data model, design and create charts, reports and dashboards, and distribute and deploy Qlikview applications.

What you'll learn

This 5 day course will provide a comprehensive and solid foundation in Qlikview, a powerful data visualisation and analytics platform. The course will cover the basics of Qlikview architecture and interface as well as more advanced areas such as data modelling, visualisation, scripting and dashboard creation. At the end of this course participants will have a solid understanding of Qlikview’s capabilities and be able to use it to analyse and present data in meaningful ways. The course will cover best practices of data loading and data modelling, scripting and distribution options. 

Come enjoy the motivating atmosphere, learning with your peers while you discover the possibilities of the Qlikview.

Course Content


  • Background, history and technical overview of Business Intelligence and Qlikview
  • The Qlikview Ecosystem
  • Qlikview Server
  • Qlikview Publisher
  • Qlikview Desktop


Getting Started with Qlikview

  • Overview of Qlikview and its features
  • Download, install and open Qlikview
  • Getting Familiar with Qlikview Desktop Client and navigating the interface
  • Features and components of Qlikview
  • Architecture
  • Report Interface
  • QVS, QVW and .log files
  • Sheet Object
  • Dimensions and Expressions
  • Presentation, Layout


Qlikview Basics

  • The Qlikview Start Page
  • Opening & Saving a document
  • Selections Stepping back or forward in list of selection
  • Locking and unlocking selections

Overview of scripting

  • Introduction to scripting
  • Introduction to datasources
  • Text files, Excel, Access datasources
  • Connecting to your database


Data Connections and Data Modelling

  • Overview of the data model
  • Understanding the concept of associations 
  • Load and manipulate new data sources
  • Data load from Excel
  • Relationships in your data
  • Creating Inner Joins
  • Synthetic keys
  • Circular References
  • Qlikview Expressions
  • Qlikview Functions


Qlikview Data Files (QVD)

  • What is a QVD File?
  • Modes of QVD Files – Optimised and Unoptimised loads
  • Role of QVD File in Qlikview Architecture
  • How to create a QVD file
  • QVD File Loader script
  • Using QVD Files
  • Advantages of using QVD files

Master Data Calendar

  • What is a master data calendar?
  • How to create a master data calendar


Qlikview Security

  • Understanding Qlikview security
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Security Architecture
  • Security using Qlikview Publisher
  • Access Levels
  • Row Level Security

Sheets and Object

  • What is a Qlikview Sheet
  • Navigating in a Qlikview Sheet
  • Qlikview Sheet and Object Association



  • The List Box
  • Statistics Box
  • Multi Box
  • Table Box



  • Overview of Qlikview Charts
  • Creating various chart types in Qlikview
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Combo Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Other Chart Types
  • Customising chart appearances and functionality
  • Creating Tables

Charting and Analysis

  • How to use advanced charting options in Qlikview (e.g. trellis chart, scatter plot)
  • Creating calculated fields and dimensions
  • Using set analysis and aggregation functions


User Interface Design and dashboard creation

  • Creating a user-friendly interface in Qlikview
  • Using Qlikview’s built-in layout and design options
  • Creating and publishing interactive dashboards and reports
  • Understanding and using Qlikview security and access control features


Distribution and Deployment

  • Publishing and distributing Qlikview applications
  • Securing and managing access to Qlikview applications
  • Scheduling and automating Qlikview tasks


Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Common issues and troubleshooting techniques in Qlikview
  • Optimizing performance and managing data
  • Keeping Qlikview up to date with the latest patches and releases.

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