What is Qlikview?

When Qlik first launch back in 1993 they set in motion the development of QlikView, which arrived three years later. With their flagship Business Intelligence (BI) software, QlikView, they set out to do something different with Business Intelligence. While BI software has tended to be somewhat specialist, Qlik sought to produce BI software that was more intuitive for the user experience than had been previously seen, appealing to quick clicks rather than studious code. A key feature of the software is the easy uptake, to go from utter novice to turning out useful analysis quickly. This rapid deployment of QlikView is one of the drivers that are responsible for the growth of a new product in 1996 to being utilized by over 20,000 organisations now.

One of the useful features of QlikView is how the software uses in-memory processing. What this means for the user is that there is crisp, clean processing of your data. As the data is processed in the memory, rather than the disc, there isn’t the typically slow processing as the software request isn’t queued. This means your real time analysis can flow seamlessly.

Powering QlikView is a sophisticated calculation engine – the range of expressions immediately available via QlikView is impressive and fully empowers the user to perform almost any calculation for their BI needs. Another key features of QlikView is the ability to combine data from disparate sources, such as SAP, Excel or SQL Server, and you can use this feature with the built in BI tools to generate useful data visualizations in the shape of dashboards and reports. QlikView is a complete BI solution, capable of handling the source data, building the analysis and delivering a bespoke user interface. This means that in terms of building and managing reporting QlikView is a one-stop solution to your BI needs, you can put together a quick dashboard with your own data in a
matter of minutes.

It isn’t just via the computer where QlikView is able to show its power. For data on the move QlikView can easily be used in apps so that your real time data is always on hand, so that for quick decision making, no matter where you are (network coverage permitting) you can rely on BI data when you need it.

The mobile computing environment, allied with QlikView’s hands on ethos, provide a perfect union in terms of being able to delve into real time analysis on the go. Tablet computing, with fingertip manipulation, provides the user with an immersive environment. Porting data analytics, in the form of QlikView, onto a tablet gives the user the ability to efficiently access vital information.

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