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Welcome to Habanero Data Solutions

Habanero Data Solutions are a UK based provider of Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Data Visualisation training and deployment services operating in Nigeria. We provide certified and highly experienced BI consultants to successfully lead you through the deployment of your Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing project.

Is your company struggling with data? Your company may be buried in vast amounts of data such as CSV files, spreadsheets or legacy databases. We have the expertise to turn your data into valuable insights and value thus providing you with the information to make better, faster decisions in all the areas of your company.

We also deliver a wide range of Business Intelligence courses suitable for the beginner to the more experienced professional. All our courses are designed to enhance you with Business Intelligence skills and knowledge.

We are living in the midst of a data explosion, a true boom in databases and database technology. The explosion of data has given rise to the tremendous need for skilled data professionals capable of dealing with all this information.

Big data is often called the ‘new oil’ that will fuel the economy in the coming decades. Data analytics tools will be required to refine the data and release the powerful insight held within. To deliver on big data’s potential people are needed with the skills to use those tools to turn insight into decisive action.

Whether you are looking to learn a new Business Intelligence package or increase your level of knowledge in a particular BI package, we can help. Our instructor-led training courses are designed to deliver dynamic, thorough and relevant content. The courses we offer are taught by experienced & certified practitioners who are passionate about their subject matter.

If you have any enquiries or require further assistance in finding the right course, please contact us on 08103382376 or email

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